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Gillian HoodGillian Hood, MS, ACSM

Gillian Hood is an intuitive eating coach who guides women to achieve freedom from disordered eating, body hatred, and a life that revolves around food.  Women who are tired of dealing with diets that don’t work and suffering from emotional overeating or create a peaceful relationship with food and a compassionate, positive relationship with themselves and their bodies as a direct result of their transformational work with Gillian.

Since 2002, hundreds of women have embraced her unconventional yet powerful and proven 8-Point-System to reject dieting and deprivation forever. They reunite mind and body to work together so their metabolisms heal and their bodies return to their natural weight. With all this in place, Gillian’s clients maintain their natural weight with minimal effort, allowing for more time and energy to enjoy life and pursue dreams.

Clients say the best result from Gillian’s system is their newfound freedom.

== Freedom from endless dieting
== Freedom from turning to food to soothe painful emotions
== Freedom from the self-loathing that leads to more overeating.

Instead, they look and feel great and achieve self-acceptance and self-love – perhaps for the first time in decades.  A certified intuitive eating counselor with a master’s degree in exercise physiology, Gillian knows that it’s not about the food.  “Your mind is the key to overcoming the struggles with food, body and weight for good,” she says.  Clients trust her because she has struggled with many of the same issues and used her own 8-Point System to overcome them and enjoy the lasting rewards.


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